World of Greystone

First Game

Date Played: 2/3/11
Game Date(s): 7/2/151 Tuesday

PCs went about their daily lifes. Fiddle Sticks picked a fight with the blacksmith and almost got killed. In the afternoon, the players saw smoke in the sky. They ran to investigate and found Stuart Manor ablaze. Footprints were found and followed. Lord Stuart was found in the custody of a group of goblin warriors. Fiddle Sticks attempted to save the life of the lord. He failed and the lord was killed. The players entered combat and killed several goblins. The remainder made off with their loot and their lifes.

Tristan discovered Lord Stuart’s will. He received The lord’s armour and some coin. The rest of the estate was left to James, Lord Stuart’s son. The party decides to deliver the news of the lords death to his son personally.

Players Involved:
Fiddle Sticks
L’lorend Meleth

XP Awarded:2


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